(−29) M13 Reverse Primer Set

(−29) M13 Reverse Primer Set
(−29) M13 Reverse Primer Set
Product Description

(−29) M13 Reverse Primer Set

storage temp.  




Set of four vials of primer, each individually labeled at the 5′-end with:
FAM: (5[6]-carboxyfluorescein)
JOE: (6-carboxy-4′,5′-dichloro-2′,7′-dimethoxyfluorescein)
ROX: (5[6]-carboxy-X-rhodamine), and
TAMRA: (5[6]-carboxytetramethylrhodamine.
Supplied as solutions, 50 μl each, in tris-EDTA buffer, pH 7.5, at 1 picomole/μl

Analysis Note

Tested for purity with HPLC, PAGE, and OD.


Packaged in amber tubes to protect from light.


(−29) M13 Reverse Primer Set is a single-stranded oligonucleotide with 5′-hydroxyl and 3′-hydroxyl ends and a selection of four fluorescent lables for use in polymerase chain reaction protocols (PCR).


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